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Virtual Retreats

When the coronavirus pandemic sent much of the world into lockdown, suspending in-person mass and other religious engagements, many of us had to adopt a more monastic lifestyle—and seek online spiritual resources. Whether you’re not quite ready to return to in-person retreats, looking for a reflective space amid a busy schedule or just trying this form of prayer for the first time, online retreats offer an accessible way to step back and reflect for a few hours, a day, or even weeks. These virtual opportunities are designed to help you pray no matter where you find yourself this summer.

Let Joy Bubble Up

Airing: April 17th through April 21st, 2023

Join us on this 5-day silent virtual retreat to explore and experience the gift of joy that God wants for you.

Father Robert Foliot, SJ will be our guide as we engage in private prayer with Scripture and the words of Pope Francis.

Registration is by donation using the button below or calling us toll free at 1-855-526-3788 or email After registering you will receive an email with a unique Access Code and URL Link to the retreat page.

"A disastrous year! The war in Ukraine rages on with no sign of an end! A hurricane devastated Turkey and Syria beyond our imagining! Gun violence and murder by teen-agers! Mental Illness has led to the killing of innocent little children in a daycare! Again, fleeing refugees died at sea. Abortions and medically assisted suicides abound!


At times, all seems so dark! So, how would you like to make a Mission or a Retreat or a virtual walk with God, with the Martyrs and with me, so that joy can bubble up in you? God wants joy for you.


Each day for 5 days I will give a 25 minute talk on-line, and then you can pray on your own, at a time you choose, for as long or as little as you wish. In prayer we will ask to see God all around us, in others, in forgiveness, in friendships and even in sadness, and then rejoice. If we make this walk together, joy might bubble up in us and all around us.


You can register on the Martyrs’ Shrine website using the 'Register Now' button above. When you register, you will be asked to make a donation. Don’t let the donation deter you. It is to help with the many expenses of the Shrine. You can donate by phone if you wish. Make your donation as tiny or as large as you wish. The important thing is that many of us join in prayer with the Jesuit Martyrs for the world. The world needs joy, and God can make it happen. If you decide to register, I will speak your name out loud to God in my personal prayer every day of the Retreat. We start on Monday April 17, 2023, at whatever time and in whatever place you choose. I hope to be with you soon."


- Robert Foliot, SJ.

Past Online Retreats:

We have catalogued some of our past retreats, as they may continue to be relevant in your life. Feel free to share or join these:

"Through silence, solitary practice, and simple living, we begin to fill the empty reservoir. This lifts the veils, dissolves the masks, and creates space within for the feelings of forgiveness, compassion, and loving kindness that are so often blocked." - David A. Cooper