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Tours and Retreats

Martyrs' Shrine offers a rich history laden with stories of faith, discovery and human virtue. Come discover this holy space and take a moment for self-reflection.

Self-Guided Tour

Self-guided tour brochures are included with admission (Available in the Visitor Centre or Giftshop). Discover the rich history of the Martyrs' Shrine at your own pace, from the origins of European contact with Indigenous people in Canada, to the establishment of Catholic missions in the Wendat (Huron) Nation and Ontario's oldest European community, to the heroic deaths of the Jesuit saints which made this holy site one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Canada.

Step beneath the impressive vaulted ceiling of the Shrine Church and discover its wonders on a self-guided tour. During this approximately one-hour long sightseeing visit, you will be invited to explore various points of interest both outside and inside the unique Indigenous-European construction of the Shrine Church, highlighting various devotional monuments, works of art, other piece of history, as well points of interest on the Shrine grounds, including the Shrine Shoppes.

Retreats at Martyrs' Shrine

The history of spiritual retreats is as old as Christianity itself and is defined as taking time away from one's normal life for the purpose of reconnecting with one's self and God, usually in prayer. In the sense of the Jesuit faith, the notion of spiritual retreat has its origin in a small town called Manresa - a community near Barcelona, Spain where St. Ignatius of Loyola infamously stopped to meditate and pray in 1522. He had already laid aside his sword and his worldly ways but his path to conversion was still incomplete. He spent several months retreated, in a small cave, doing battle with his fiercest opponent: himself. He struggled with feelings of worthlessness and despair as well as scrupulosity. In his autobiography he made it clear that he was near collapse. But he weathered the storm and having achieved a breakthrough he set off on the rest of his spiritual journey. The rest of his life would be marked by this experience, later described in his Spiritual Exercises. It was characterized by a sense of balance and the avoidance of extremes as well as the ability to see God in all things. Today one can visit the small cave where he passed those difficult months, or journey through their own spiritual journey by way of a retreat, offered here at the Martyrs' Shrine.

Throughout the year, we offer programming for multi-day retreats (either guided by a Spiritual Director or silently self-directed) and single day retreats called quiet days covering a variety of themes. These spiritual renewal programs are designed to cultivate and develop your spiritual selves while encouraging growth, healing, and wholeness under the model of the Ignatian spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises.

Stay With Us

We understand that your experience may not transform you in a single day, and we encourage you to take the time that you need. Stay with us or stay with our community accommodators.

Group Rates

It pays to book ahead with our special group rates offered to tour operators, parishes and schools. Contact our team today to see how we can best accommodate you.

About the Martyrs

Learn about the origins of these early Jesuit missionaries, the factors that led them to this site centuries ago, and why we honour them today at Martyrs' Shrine.

“It is dangerous to make everybody go forward by the same road: and worse to measure others by oneself.” - St. Ignatius of Loyola