Vendor Applications

Food and Merchandise Vendors

Martyrs' Shrine hosts nearly 100 events annually that can attract upwards of 10,000 participants per day. Most of our events come in the form of pilgrimages, which are large gatherings of people who are celebrating, among other things, their unique ethnic and cultural background. These events see people from across the world, bringing with them their shared cultural experiences and forming that experience around spirituality, food, shopping and recreation.

The intent behind opening our site to outside Food and Merchandise Vendors is to help shape and elevate that cultural experience both for the pilgrims as well as visitors we have on the property during that time. These events can be highly lucrative for vendors and at the same time can compliment products and services already provided by Martyrs' Shrine.

Martyrs' Shrine holds our vendors to very high standards, both in terms of the safety of our guests but also knowing that vendors play a pivotal role in elevating the guest experience. Only Vendors who are deemed to be selling culturally-significant goods and services will be considered. If approved, Vendors will be awarded a Permit from Martyrs' Shrine and they will be required to have it displayed at their booth throughout their stay. Because we are a religious institution, vendors may be eligible for 'Exemption From Regulations' from the Simcoe County Health Unit. Please ensure that you check this box on their Vendor Application for Event Permit (link provided in Application below).

Selling or distributing goods and services that do not have prior approval from Martyrs' Shrine are not permitted anywhere on the grounds. If you are not sure whether that applies to you, please ask our team at

Deadline: All Vendor Applications must be submitted to Martyrs' Shrine 30-days prior to the event or pilgrimage. You must submit a Vendor Application for each event that you are looking to participate in throughout the season.

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