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The Martyrs' Shrine Press is a nonprofit Catholic publishing subsidiary of Martyrs' Shrine and the Jesuits of Canada that came into existence in 1926 and formalized in 2024. The MSP was founded as a way to spread knowledge about the Catholic faith through periodicals, books, and Shrine and parish resources.

The Six Daily Habits (for Spiritual Resiliency)

Growing in our spiritual lives means taking seriously one of Second Vatican Council’s key points: the universal call to holiness. The basis of holiness is the same as any relationship, whether with spouse, family or good friends. If we want to come to know and love Jesus, we have to spend quality time with him — and on a daily basis. It’s the work of a lifetime, but we start with today.

The Six Daily Habits serves as a guide for cultivating this relationship with Jesus. These habits draw heavily from the Ignatian tradition, which itself draws from the Bible and the witness of the saints throughout history. They are reliable practices which can become reliable habits. The Latin word habitus comes from the verb meaning “to have or maintain”. If you have or maintain these, you do not need to wear a habit, but the habit of them will clothe you in grace.

If you are someone who wants to bring Christ to others through friendship and witness, these habits will be the means of storing up the spiritual capital to do so. In them we encounter Jesus in the most powerful and intimate way.

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Our liturgy is steeped in ritual, text and the spoken word. Each step of the service is aimed at strengthening our bonds with the divine and deepen our spiritual lives.

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Martyrs' Shrine is holy and historic place of worship and pilgrimage, continuing a nearly 400 year story of love and discovery with St. Jean de Brébeuf and his companions.

"So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13