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Request a Mass

The practice of requesting a Mass to be offered for loved ones, living or deceased, is a beautiful and wonderful part of our Catholic tradition. The celebration of Mass lies at the center of our Catholic life, and is celebrated at Martyrs' Shrine from the first Saturday in May to Thanksgiving Monday. Our Jesuit Fathers are most happy to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for your intention, in gratitude for a Grace received, in memorial of a loved one, or to celebrate a special occasion.

Celebrating the Eucharist in the St. Ignatius Chapel. Credit: Salt+Light Media

Announced Mass

Due to the limited number of Masses conducted at Martyrs' Shrine, Announced Masses are scheduled in advance for their celebration. These honoured Masses are announced by the Jesuit priest aloud to the congregation at the beginning of the Mass. As well, honourees of Announced Masses are included in each issue of the Shrine Bulletin, posted each week in the Shrine Church and Visitor Office.

In-person booking only

Unannounced Mass

These Masses do not have a scheduled date or time for their celebration and are not announced to a congregation. Unannounced Masses are said by the Jesuits priests in their private community chapel or elsewhere in a community parish throughout the year.

"From this moment on, live the Eucharist fully; be persons for whom the Holy Mass, Communion, and Eucharistic adoration are the center and summit of their whole life." - Pope John Paul II