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We Rise Again

2022 Fundraising Documentary

Thank you to all of those who supported our fundraising efforts in the fall of 2022. This feature film is now available on our YouTube page.

This thirty-minute special will take you on a journey around oursacred site and what makes it so special from an ecological and spiritual point of view. It will show you what we have been doing to help protect and preserve this land, the wildlife that depends on it and how our outdoor spaces create a landscape for intimate encounters with God.

Annual Fundraising Project

Each year, Martrys' Shrine selects a new capital works project to support in its annual fundraising project. This year, it is our septic system that needs help, as it is critical infrastructure that supports overall visitor experience here at the Shrine. As we have grown through the years our visitation and the demands on our infrastructure has grown. Our septic system is located underground and requires a significant expansion to accommodate the current demand. Without this expansion, the system is susceptible to failure, which could leach into the grounds and surrounding watershed.