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Our Church, and Grounds are closed to visitors until 1 May, 2021. We continue to serve you online.

Message from the Director

Dear Pilgrims,

We are very much aware that the current circumstances of COVID–19 are leaving many people in isolation from work, family, and friends, many more uncertain about their economic future, and all worried for the health and well being of themselves and those whom they love.

Traditionally, the Church and grounds of Martyrs’ Shrine, time praying with St. Jean de Brébeuf and his companions to Christ, and the consolation of spiritual conversation with a Jesuit, would be a corner stone of support to you in times such as these.  It is, with a heavy heart, that we must inform you that important temporary restrictions set in place, both by government and ecclesial authorities, prevent us from offering these to you.  And, just as requirements around social distancing are in effect across the country, the Jesuit Fathers here are, for the moment, limited in the means in which we can serve you.

This being said, the prayers of the Jesuits at Martyrs’ Shrine are not halted and, indeed, are all the more fervent for you, each of our pilgrims, and the world.  Though we cannot, at this moment, offer you a physical space of support, we have instituted, on our website, the means for you to send us prayer petitions.  We will light a candle and pray for you if you so desire it.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Michael Knox, SJ

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Explore the Church of St. Joseph at Canada's National Shrine to the North American Martyrs.

Masses in honour of our annual pilgrimages

From Canada's National Shrine to the North American Martyrs

As Martyrs' Shrine has been forced to postpone all pilgrimages until 2021, an unprecedented reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jesuit fathers here have invited the priests and organizers of our annual cultural pilgrimages to come say Mass for their communities inside the Church of St. Joseph. We look forward to welcoming all our pilgrimages in 2021 when we reopen May 1st.

Ask a Jesuit to Light a Candle

Amidst the challenges we are all facing with the COVID – 19 epidemic, is there a particular person or intention that you would like to offer up to God in prayer?  Whether on the front-line serving others, at work, in isolation, at home, or abroad, click below to have a candle lit for you by a Jesuit Father at Martyrs’ Shrine.  Our prayers transform us, and the world around us!

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