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Praying for the Residential Schools.

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Special Mass of St. Martin of Tours

We invite you to join us for a special virtual Mass celebrating the life of St. Martin of Tours and the service men and women who fight on our front lines to protect us. The Mass will air at 1:00pm this Remembrance Day.

Message from the Director

Dear Pilgrims,

The past year has proven to be very challenging as we’ve been navigating the effects of a global pandemic. Even since the publication of our latest Martyrs’ Shrine Message earlier this month, circumstances are changing quickly, and I wished to keep you as informed as possible.

It pains me to inform you that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the proposed inoculation schedule of the Federal Government, it is clear that the Church and grounds of Martyrs’ Shrine will not be open to the general public this season but will resume normal operations in May 2022. This was, by no means, an easy decision. However, putting your health and wellbeing ahead of our own, I had to stare clearly at the facts. If the current nationwide inoculation plan remains as it is, the vaccine for COVID-19 will only be offered broadly in the early spring, meaning that most of our visitors would remain at risk throughout the summer.

Moreover, it is unlikely that social distancing protocols would allow, in time, for groups in the thousands to gather; as they usually do on this Sacred site.

Nevertheless, I remain filled with hope, and all of the Fathers here are eager to serve!

We, therefore, reach out to you through our website. You can request a Mass intention, make an offering, or ask for a candle to be lit for you by a Jesuit.

My friends, as we enter into our Novena with St. Joseph, I pray that this letter finds you in good health and consolation, and offer my heartfelt thanks for your dedicated support of our mission during these very challenging times. With St. Joseph, we are united to you in prayer, and very much look forward to seeing you all when we open on May 7th, 2022!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Michael Knox, SJ

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Amidst the challenges we are all facing with the COVID – 19 epidemic, is there a particular person or intention that you would like to offer up to God in prayer?  Whether on the front-line serving others, at work, in isolation, at home, or abroad, click below to have a candle lit for you by a Jesuit Father at Martyrs’ Shrine.  Our prayers transform us, and the world around us!