A Heart-to-Heart Chat with Jesus

Pray along with the Jesuits at the Martyrs Shrine.

Some weeks ago, the Jesuit community gathered to produce this hour of prayer.   Since then, the discovery of 215 bodies of children who died in the former Kamloops Residential School was made.  We are all shocked at this revelation.  No-doubt, the Heart of Jesus is broken, and no doubt St. Jean de Brébeuf and his companions, who had such love for the Huron people, are deeply saddened.

Out of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we have gathered from all over the country to pray together today.  In the tradition of this devotion, we offer our prayers in reparation for our sins. As we spend this time with Jesus, let us also pray for forgiveness and for healing founded on truth.  Let us pray for these children, for their families and for all affected by this evil.  Let us pray during this holy hour of prayer for a reconciliation that builds new bonds of understanding, leading to an authentic working together of Indigenous Peoples, Government, and Church.  Let us commit ourselves to do our part in building a future of true justice for Indigenous peoples on this land now called Canada.

©2018 Martyrs' Shrine.