Request a Mass for Your Intention

Requesting an Announced Mass

Through the form to the right, you can select a date to have an announced Mass said for your intention. This Mass will be said on the date you've requested at Martyrs' Shrine by one of the Jesuit priests on the day that you have selected.

The offering of Mass for special intentions such as wedding anniversaries, for healing, for comfort to those who are sick, for deceased family members and friends, for personal intentions, in thanksgiving for favours received, for a “special” intention, etc., is an act of deep faith and a desire to unite oneself with Christ in the mystery of the Eucharist.

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Requesting an Unannounced Mass

An unannounced Mass can be said for the same intentions as an announced Mass with the difference being that the Mass will be said at specified a date and time.


Please Note: As a result of the pandemic, we are making use of tools that were designed for, and that are typically used for, secular purposes. This means that there might sometimes be a disconnect between the appearance of the tool and the spiritual value and affective meaning of the purposes for which we are using them. We thank you for understanding the challenges we face during these unprecedented times.