Launching for our 2020 Season

Recreation & Leisure Programmes

We’re currently developing new recreational and leisure programmes for Adults, Youth, and Seniors for launch in our 2020 season. You can have your say on what programmes you want to see at Martyrs’ Shrine by registering for a programme or by submitting your ideas below.

You can submit your idea, and if it get’s support from 5 other people, we will review it internally and assess its feasibility.

*** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Martyrs’ Shrine will remain closed until May 1, 2021. Stay tuned for Recreation & Leisure Programmes launching for next year! ***

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  • 4
    Walk & Reflect
    2 years agoopen0
    Weekly walking group led by a staff. Every afternoon of the programme, participants would meet at Martyrs' Shrine, discuss 3 points of reflection about their past week, take a leisurely walk through t... Read more...
  • 3
    Outdoor Yoga at Martyrs' Shrine
    2 years agoopen0
    Join us for a six-week session of weekly yoga classes taking place at various locations around Martyrs' Shrine. Focus on your mind and body surrounded by the peace and serenity of our gardens, water f... Read more...
  • 2
    Adult Practical Art Skills Programme
    2 years agoopen0
    This spiritual and artistic programme suited for adults at all skill levels features a reflection, followed by a half hour on-site demo/discussion on various topics by a qualified plein-air art instru... Read more...
  • 2
    Mommy & Me Walking Club
    2 years agoopen0
    These weekly meet-ups for mother's and their children offer new and experienced parents the opportunity to meet new people and focus on low-impact exercise walking throughout the shrine grounds and th... Read more...
  • 1
    Meditation classes
    2 years agoopen0
    Prayer , reflection and mediation classes with a spiritual guided feed back of what the participates experience
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