Greening of the Shrine

In accordance with the vision and mission of the Martyrs’ Shrine, we have been making strides to incorporate greater environmental awareness into the management of our facilities and activities. We share an entrenched connection and commitment to the earth and its resources, so the Shrine has been focusing on promoting waste and pollution reduction as well as responsible and efficient resource consumption. The Shrine has been busy initiating several greening projects and facility upgrades and we are proud to have completed the following projects:

  • Solar panel system, a 10-kilowatt solar panel system installed on the roof of the first Rectory
  • Upgraded lighting, which involved replacing more than 400 inefficient incandescent and halogen lights, including the large outdoor floodlights, with high-efficiency LED lighting – this project alone has achieved an energy savings of around 30 percent
  • Converted the electric furnace in the Filion Centre into a gas heating system
  • Replaced electric cooling equipment with two new energy-efficient air conditioning units
  • Integrated two electric golf carts in place of additional gas carts
  • Increased the accessibility of recycling bins throughout the grounds
  • Planted 12 new spruce trees in the lower fields, restoring damage caused by the 2010 tornado which destroyed over 50 of our trees
  • Forest Management Project, supporting the health of the forest surrounding our manicured grounds

These changes ensure that our operations are more environmentally sustainable and better support the mission and values of the Martyrs’ Shrine. We are thankful to the Knights of Columbus, Hardship Acres, and other benefactors of the Martyrs’ Shrine for their donations in support of these greening projects.

Next Steps
Know that our greening initiatives are still on-going. We look forward to tackling the following greening projects in the near future:

  • Energy-efficient heating
  • Window and insulation upgrades
  • Additional recycling bins throughout the grounds


The Greening of the Shrine from Newmarket-Tay Power on Vimeo.