Requesting a Mass

Pilgrims are welcome to request for the celebration of Mass for a particular intention. If you would like to have a Mass celebrated for a special request or on behalf of a family member, friend, or deceased loved one, please contact the Administration and Information Office by calling (705) 526-3788 or 1-855-526-3788 (toll free), emailing, or visiting in-person from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Announced Mass $20 Donation
Celebrated at the Martyrs’ Shrine
Published in the Shrine’s Bulletin

Unannounced Mass $10 Donation
Celebrated at a Jesuit Mission

Prayer Intentions

Pilgrims are invited to offer prayer intentions to God and the Holy Canadian Martyrs, to be lifted up in prayer through the Ministry at the Martyrs’ Shrine. When visiting, prayer intentions can be received in the petition boxes located on either side of the front altar in the Shrine Church and in the Administration and Information Office.

Light a Candle with Us

Amidst the challenges we are all facing with the COVID – 19 epidemic, is there a particular person or intention that you would like to offer up to God in prayer?  Whether on the front-line serving others, at work, in isolation, at home, or abroad, click below to have a candle lit for you by a Jesuit Father at Martyrs’ Shrine.  Our prayers transform us, and the world around us!


Martyrs' Shrine Association

The Martyrs' Shrine Association is a membership into a spiritual community of prayer. 

Through MSA membership, you and your family will share in:

  • 100 Masses each year
  • Daily prayers of intercession
  • Prayers during two annual novenas
  • The Shrine Message sent twice annually

Several types of memberships are available:

  • Annual Family Membership ($25)
  • Perpetual for a Family living or deceased ($150)
  • Perpetual for a Deceased individual ($40)

To join the MSA, visit or telephone our Administrative Office.


Nine Days of Prayer

Martyrs' Shrine prays two novenas: Novena to St. Joseph - patron Saint of Canada (Spring), and Novena to the Canadian Martyrs (Fall) .

Both novenas are included in the Shrine Message that is mailed to members of the Martyrs' Shrine Association. MSA members can submit their prayer petitions and membership renewals with the included slip and return envelope.

School Programmes

Religious Education Through the Story of the Martyrs

Journey of Discovery with Christ

Walk-Where-They-Walked is a full-day pilgrimage experience developed for both grade school and high school students in the Roman Catholic separate school boards of Ontario.  An interdisciplinary experience, and developed following basic principles of education outlined in the internationally recognised Jesuit programme of education (Ignatian-Pedagogical- Paradigm), pilgrims are invited to prayerfully enter into the lives St. Jean de Brébeuf and his companions so as to: (1) enrich their understanding of the Roman Catholic tradition; (2) reflect upon their personal relationship with Jesus Christ; (3) inform them on various aspects of the early modern history of Canada; and (4) provide the opportunity for ongoing physical education.

Walk Where They Walked

God has blessed each one of us with certain gifts and a unique vocation through which they are invited to lovingly share them with the world. Recognizing, as the Canadian Martyrs did, that the more deeply one embraces Jesus Christ, the more she/he can discover their own vocations, A Journey of Discovery with Christ is a day-long retreat programme that invites students and their teachers to set out on a journey of self-discovery alongside St. Jean de Brébeuf and his companions towards a deeper union with Jesus Christ. Walking with them, each student is invited to: (I) discover and express her/his personal giftedness; (II) to reflectively discern how God might want her/him to use their gifts; and (III) to more deeply comprehend how each of us have been gifted with talents that together can make the divine aspirations for the world a reality.

About the Martyrs

Jesuit missionaries worked among the Huron (Wendat), who occupied territory in the Georgian Bay area called Huronia. They established and laboured at the Sainte-Marie Mission.


In 1642, the Mohawk captured St. René Goupil, and St. Isaac Jogues, bringing them back to their village of Ossernenon south of the Mohawk River. They ritually tortured both men, and killed Goupil. After several months of captivity, Jogues was ransomed by Dutch traders and the minister Johannes Megapolensisfrom New Netherland (later Albany). He returned for a time to France, but then sailed back to Quebec. In 1646 he and Jean de Lalande were killed during a visit to Ossernenon intended to achieve peace between the French and the Mohawk.

The other Jesuit missionaries were killed by the Mohawk and martyred in the following years: Antoine Daniel (1648), Jean de Brébeuf (1649), Noël Chabanel(1649), Charles Garnier (1649), and Gabriel Lalemant (1649). All were canonized in 1930 as the Canadian Martyrs, also known as the North American Martyrs.