24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Broadcast from Martyrs' Shrine

This Week's Spiritual Reflection

A Prayer of Forgiveness

Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus’ name to send His Holy Spirit upon us, to open our eyes, and fill us with His Spirit of Wisdom, to understand difficult people, especially those who have hurt us in the past, and we find it very difficult to forget and forgive, and live constantly with grievances in our hearts, and especially allow our minds to trouble us with scruples of the past, and so live in constant anger, guilt and shame in the present day, and thus make it very difficult for YOU to work in us, and help Jesus in His mission to bring about your Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  We ask YOU this day to heal us of our trespasses, and so forgive those who trespass against us, in order for us to be free from all that which enslaves us, and robs us of our Peace of Mind.  Heal us with a sound Mind, Body and Soul, to make us compassionate disciples of Your son Jesus, so that we may assist Him in our present days to reap in the rich harvest of souls.  We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. 


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