Available: May through October

Numbers: Up to 100 students
Cost: $6.00 per student per site
Time: 2.5 to 3 hours each site

Book your visit by calling: Martyrs’ Shrine – (705) 526-3788 or Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons – (705) 528-7694

“Walk where they walked” is a full day program, running jointly by the Martyrs’ Shrine and Sainte-Marie among the Hurons which offers your students the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Canadian Martyrs.

The Martyrs’ Shrine portion of this program may also be booked as a stand alone program in the morning or afternoon and consists of the following four components:

The Interactive Compact Disc contains a curriculum based lesson plan developed in consultation with, and carrying the approval of, the five Separate School Boards within the Archdiocese of Toronto. This lesson plan covers the history of the Jesuits in Canada and more specifically, the Huronia Missions. The plan also includes questions for which the students may find answers by visiting the Shrine church and museum, and by viewing the video. The CD features, among many other things, images of the Shrine church and grounds, 17th century maps, and songs written by Fathers Brébeuf and Jogues. The CD, viewed by the students prior to the visit serves as an introduction to the Shrine, as well as a classroom resource which integrates the themes in the history of Huronia with the Social Studies and Fine Arts curriculum.

The Martyrs’ Shrine Museum will present, through a Jesuit animator, the stories of the Canadian Martyrs and the history of the aboriginal peoples during the French mission to Huronia almost 400 years ago. The presentation will also include the history of the Shrine from the time it was opened in 1926 to the present.

The Orientation Video which runs 28 minutes will provide a close-up look at the lives of the Martyrs, and the ministry of the Martyrs’ Shrine. After viewing the film the students and teachers will be invited to discuss all that they have experienced and to prepare for the celebration of the Mass.

Mass In The Shrine Church will serve as the culmination of the students’ Shrine experience. The students will be encouraged to take and active part in the liturgy, and the homily of the celebrant will add a spiritual element to the historical themes already explored.

For overnight visits, inquire about our 32 bed dormitory facility.


A summer immersion program for candidates to have an opportunity to live and work with the Jesuits to assist in discerning the possibility of a Jesuit vocation.

Under the guidance of the Shrine Jesuits and Staff, participants have a chance to experience both community life and apostolic service as a Jesuit, while receiving spiritual direction and instruction. In addition, the Six-Weeks-A-Jesuit Program offers participants:

  • time for personal prayer and reflection
  • an introduction to Ignatian spirituality
  • instruction on the history and mission of the Jesuits
  • instruction on the history and mission of the Martyrs’ Shrine and the lives of the Canadian Martyrs
  • experience working with the Shrine Ministry to serve the needs of visiting pilgrims

For more information about the program for 2015 and how to apply, please visit the Jesuits of English Canada website.


  • Walking Pilgrimage to St. Ignace, with a Facilitiated Retreat Experience
  • Procession to the Graves Retreat
  • Discernment of Gifts Retreat

Get more information on these programs by calling: Martyrs’ Shrine – (705) 526-3788.