Support Our New Water System

The water system at the Martyrs’ Shrine is in need of an upgrade to assure responsible, environmental and sustainable infrastructure for the long-term future. Initiated during our 87th anniversary, the upgrade of the water system is to be completed before the Shrine opens in 2015.
Our well water is very good, but has to be constantly monitored after it passes through 88 year-old underground pipes. We are grateful that our current system has supplied the millions of pilgrims who have come to the Shrine, thanks to the careful monitoring by our dedicated staff. That is an enormous, time-consuming and stressful task.

We are happy to inform you that all approvals have been granted for us to connect with the Town of Midland’s water system. The engineers have completed all the technical drawings and specific details for installing an entirely new underground water pipe system to all our buildings. The tendering process was completed in late August and construction will begin on September 29th.

This project will cost an estimated $465,000. Since last year, in our fundraising appeal to cover the cost of this enormous undertaking, we have raised $125,000. We have a long way to go.

The gate fee, Sunday collection, and your generous donations enable us to cover our everyday expenses, but are not sufficient to finance this major upgrade. Therefore, we appeal to your generosity in assisting us with this sustainable water project and allowing us to continue to serve you and other pilgrims. We thank you for your support and ask for your continual prayers.