he archives and archives library are open by appointment during the months of July and August. Financial support has been provided by the Malliner Charitable Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta.

The holdings of the archives span four centuries of Jesuit presence in Canada, with special attention being paid to the institutional memory of Martyrs’ Shrine.

Historians and archaeologists will find the artifacts and research associated with the Jesuit mission to the Hurons (1634-1650) of great interest. This includes numerous photographs and slides relating to the history and excavations of Huronia.

Many testimonies of cures and favours obtained through the intercession of the Martyrs are preserved in the archives. Pilgrims may discover information about their own family’s association with the Shrine by examining the photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, post cards and other ephemera that have been collected during the past 85 years. These humble documents bear witness to the spread of the Kingdom of Christ in Canada.

Rare Books

The archive library contains one of the best collections of books relating to the Jesuit missions in Canada. Many of the books are rare and out of print. Researchers may find the antiquarian Jesuitica/Catholica collection from the seventeenth century of special use. As well, the library holds many books pertaining to on native studies and local archaeology in both French and English. New books dealing with these topics are also acquired for the library on an ongoing basis. Please browse the library’s inventory through the link above or ask the archivist to learn about recent acquisitions. We would like to take this opportunity as well to thank the Midland Public Library, particularly Mr. Bill Molesworth, for their generous donation of shelving units.


The Shrine’s archives also produces English re-translations of the famous Jesuit Relations, English translations of significant French works pertaining to early Jesuit missions in Canada during the17th and 19th centuries. The thirty- one volume “Early Jesuit Missions to Canada” series includes the monumental research of famous French Canadian Jesuit historians such as Fr. Lucien Campeau SJ, Fr. Rene Latourelle SJ, Fr. Lorenzo Cadieux SJ, as well as never before published missionary diaries from Northern Ontario. The translator of the series is Fr. William Lonc SJ, professor emeritus of physics, St. Mary’s University, Halifax.

If you would like further information regarding these books or have questions concerning the Jesuit mission to the Hurons or the history of Martyrs’ Shrine, please ask us.